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Through inspiring and heartbreaking stories of families in four diverse places, Roger Thurow brings the 1,000 days to life and illuminates the science, economics, politics, and progress of the movement, as well as the formidable obstacles and challenges it faces: among them economic injustice, disease, lack of education and sanitation, misogyny, and corruption.

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Praise for The First 1,000 Days

“Powerful and important.”

—Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

“An intimate look at the struggles many women face . . . Thurow has spoken and made the issue clear: children everywhere need better food and water if they are going to grow into healthy adults.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The stories are eye-opening. . . . Here’s a reason to read the book: It’s actually full of hope.”

—Allison Aubrey, NPR correspondent,

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