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Ending childhood malnutrition

Now it is time to join the movement and raise the clamor to end child and maternal malnutrition, wherever it may be. Creating a just and equitable food system that ensures everyone has access to proper nutrition is among our greatest—and most achievable—challenges. There is something each of us can do. Please use the following resources to get informed, get involved, and get going.


Get involved

Help raise the clamor with Congress

Support global nutrition programming


Resources for teachers and students

Reading group guide (PDF)
Fifteen discussion questions excerpted from The First 1,000 Days.

High school lesson builder
Created by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Includes a complete lesson plan for teachers.

Online classroom discussion guide
Created by Anne-Michele Boyle and her students at Whitney Young High School in Chicago, who have studied The First 1,000 Days book in the classroom. Hosted by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Severe Malnutrition Resources Hub
Valuable resources from a leading nonprofit working globally to make the well-being of women and children in the first 1,000 days a policy and funding priority.

2020 Global Nutrition Report
Based on the best-available data, in-depth analysis and expert opinion rooted in evidence, the report identifies critical actions to achieve nutrition equity.

Food Systems Dashboard
The Food Systems Dashboard combines data from multiple sources to give users a complete view of food systems. Compare components of food systems across countries and regions and identify and prioritize ways to sustainably improve diets and nutrition.


More from Roger’s work

The story of Hagirso
Experience the impact of childhood malnutrition on a young Ethiopian man over nearly two decades as he grew into adulthood.


The First 1,000 Days video based on the book


The Last Hunger Season film series
An eight-part series featuring the stories of four smallholder farmers in western Kenya trying to put an end to the hunger season in 2011. Six years later Roger revisits the families in The Last Hunger Season Revisited.


The First 1,000 Days podcast series 
Ten podcasts hosted by Roger Thurow exploring different aspects of childhood malnutrition and its global impact.


The First 1,000 Days
Roger Thurow explores the promise of—and confounding challenges to—a transformative worldwide initiative to end early childhood malnutrition.

The Last Hunger Season
Roger Thurow tells the yearlong story of a community of Kenyan farmers working to transcend lives of dire poverty and hunger.

Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman vividly explain why the world’s poorest starve in an age of plenty and argue that this generation can put an end to hunger in Africa.


Outrage and Inspire
Roger Thurow’s insights bring attention to global hunger, poverty, and malnutrition through powerful storytelling.

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The book

Find out more about the book in which Roger Thurow’s 1,000-day stories began.